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Thursday, May 5

What's the dealio, yo?

Here's all the contact info you'll ever need from me:

Email: musicforants@mac.com
AIM: faraways0close
Myspace: myspace.com/musicforants
Facebook: My Profile


Music For Ants (Taylor)
1088 Colby Hall
Normal, IL 61761

If you're a band or represent one and you want me to review your music, send your stuff to the above address. I'll listen to it and if I think it's good I'll post about it. If you make a drawing on the package or send us glitter and decorative hand soap or write your favorite Zoolander quote, I'll be much more likely to review your album. If you're interested in advertising with me, if you'd like to recommend some new music, if you represent a label and want me on your mailing list, or if you are bored and want to hang out with me, feel free to email.

Here's a picture of what us hanging out will probably look like:

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