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Thursday, September 29

Death Cab on Conan

I accidentally forgot to watch this last Tuesday, but luckily I found the video on Prefix (picture also courtesy of Prefix). They, of course, sang Soul Meets Body, and did a pretty good job, although it seemed the vocals were off a bit, Chris Walla was really stretching to hit some high notes.

WMV Death Cab - Soul Meets Body (Conan O'Brien)

By the way, I've just recently been linked to on the front page of Stereogum, Prefix, and some Russian guys live journal (which accounts for me getting 420 visitors and 739 page views today alone). Thanks fellow bloggers!
posted by Taylor, 9/29/2005 03:09:00 PM | link 2 comments


Hey I really enjoy the music you've been posting. I was directed here from stereogum and I'm glad I was.
OMG! I saw them on Conan, it was pretty sweet.

I linked to you also at http://whenapesrule.blogspot.com- When Apes Rule The Earth!-feel free to link back if you like. Love the blog.

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