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Saturday, September 17

John Ringhofer Interview

So after the show was over, me and celeste (girlfriend-see pictures) were eating a bagel at this cafe' and John Ringhofer walks by, I was hoping to talk to Sufjan but I figured this was the best I could do for now.

We started talking and our conversation went something along the lines of this:

me - Hey, my name is Taylor, I was wondering if Sufjan ever came out and chatted with the fans, did interviews, anything like that?
JR - No, he gets kindof freaked out by alot of people
(he then explains how to write to his company and request an interview), i love being here and getting to see some of the illinois people, and its moldy in there so i decided to take a walk around out here

me - how many instruments do you play?
JR - oh gosh, (gives a "too many too count" like expression), we all play a ton of instrumens
(i give a "should have asked how many instruments do you not play" expression)

me - did you play on the CD?
JR - no, i only played on Michigan, most of the people on the CD were people from New York City, but Shara, the girl with the electrical guitar, is a real important part to reproducing MIchigan and Illinois on stage. She played on the CD.

me - Wasn't there a planned song about Champaign and the supercomputer on this CD?
JR - ya, and it was really good, James the drummer plays on it and its a great track, it was ono the CD till Sufjan went to master the CD and he left it off because it sounded to much like Stereolab, there's probably about 50 minutes of unreleased material from the Illinois Cd

me - really, wow, so what happens to all that?
JR - he'll probably change the lyrics around a bit and use it on another states CD.

me - so what is Sufjan like in the studio, is he like a Brian Wilson type where the track has to exactly perfect or is he more laid back and allows for improvisation?
JR - he definitely has a vision for his music, but he lets us play around a bit
(at this point a large security guard told some of the megafans that the band was sitting at the bar and that they would be a while, some of them left)

me - so do you know why Sufjan likes Peoria so much, he seems to mention his fondess of it every concert, I'm only asking because I'm from Peoria.
JR - Well, he loves every town really I don't know why Peoria in particular, we do love performing that song though, i'm going to walk around a bit more, it's been nice talking to you.
me - thanks, bye

thats all, the stuff about the unreleased material is quite interesting, keep in mind that this wasn't an exact account of what happened because i wasn't recording the conversation, but it's what i remember and what i wrote down later. If bootlegs from the concert ever surface, i'll try to make them available.
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