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Friday, September 2

The New Amsterdams

This band began as a side project for Matt Pryor, its quite a stray from his work with the Get Up Kids. It's very stripped down, emotional, and acoustic based compared to his former band's punk-pop sound. They've released three CD's since forming in 2000 (my favorite being Para Toda Vida). Now that the Get Up Kids have completed their good-bye tour, it looks like this will be Pryor's main band.

Killed or Cured was a project that the New Amsterdams were working on but abandoned, now they're offering it as a EP free off their website. The five songs on the album are expectedly good, very bitter and stripped. You can read the story of the evolution of Killed or Cured while you listen. I'm really liking the song "Strangled by a Thought."

Download Killed or Cured here.
posted by Taylor, 9/02/2005 04:27:00 PM | link 1 comments


Hey Taylor,
I think you and your website are totally hot. Thank you for putting Matt Pryor the beautiful on here for me. That's right kids, just for me. Celeste was too hot for you, until you put The New Ams on your site.
Love, Lindsey
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 9/06/2005 08:06:00 PM  

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