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Friday, October 14

Death Cab Concert Pictures & Videos

So death cab was really awesome. they played a fantastic set with lots of translatlanticism/plans, and a few oldies (for what reason, company calls, title track, photobooth, movie script ending, we laugh indoors, etc...), i took some great pictures which are all available here.

I also took some videos from a camera, which turned out pretty good. they aren't full songs cuz the memory stick is only so big, and yes you can hear me singing in the background on the videos. why? cuz 1) i like to sing and 2) i think i have a pretty darn good singing voice.

I Will Follow You Into The Dark

Highlights of the concerts include - Youth Group was really good, Different Names for the Same Thing which really rocked live, Expo '86 which I had really been hoping they would play and also rocked, Tiny Vessels>Transatlanctism which is the perfect ending, I WIll Follow You Into The Dark which had the crowd screaming (as you can see from the video), and the cool lighting. The speaker blew during What Sarah Said which sucks cuz i like that song alot. Marching Bands of Manhattan was great live (the sillohuettes thing they did was really cool) For What Reason was really cool also, but no Airplanes was a little unexpected. Overall, though I rate the concert experience very highly.
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