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Monday, October 24

Death Cab Interview/iTunes Originals

It hasn't been too long since my last Death Cab post, but I couldn't pass it up the opportunity when the following two items came up. The first is an interview on MTV.com where they talk about a new album -

And while both Gibbard and Walla have a whole lot of ideas about just what that new record will sound like, there's one thing they both can agree on: It's going to be different.

"I'm incredibly proud of [Plans], but I feel we had to make it exactly when we did. It's a transitional record for our transitional time. I think we'll make the free-jazz record next time around," Gibbard laughed. "I think it will be essential for the growth of the band to do something different next time, whether that means bringing in an outside producer or making the album only six songs long. Who knows?"

"Ben's been talking off and on about concepts for the next record. Like, maybe they're a bunch of pop songs but all strung together, like some old Yes record or something," Walla added. "I don't know what's going to happen, but I think everyone's ready to do something complicated."

The band also talks about their upcoming video for Crooked Teeth in the interview.

The second item is the release of their iTunes Originals which includes 21 audio tracks (some being interviews) and 6 videos. One of my favorite rare tracks from Death Cab has been Underwater and I was glad to see it redone for iTunes. Here's the download

MP3 Underwater (iTunes Originals)
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