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Sunday, November 27

I Love the Sound of You Walking Away...

This collection is one I call "Songs that use the phrase 'walk away' somewhere in the lyrics." There was many to choose from and there were some notable exclusions (including Cheap Tricks "Walk Away" and Boston's "More than a Feeling") but I widdled it down to five tracks.

The first is an acoustic track from one of my favorites of the new Franz Ferdinand Album fittingly called Walk Away.
MP3 Franz Ferdinand - Walk Away (acoustic)

The second is fantastic song that was just featured on the latest O.C. episode. This song has been playing in my head for about a week now and features the line "every time I see you, you just walk away"
MP3 The Subways - I Want To Hear What You Have Got To Say

This song is from one of my most memorable high school records, Something to Write Home About. You got to hand it to the Get Up Kids.
MP3 The Get Up Kids - My Apology

This track has some of the cheesiest 80's synthesizers I've ever heard. But its the Cure and they're amazing, so you cut them some slack.
MP3 The Cure - The Walk

To end this collection, I'm putting Collective Soul's live cover of U2's 1980 classic "I Will Follow". The singer sounds really bad on this song, but the guitar work is very good - so it just about makes up for it.
MP3 Collective Soul - I Will Follow (Live at Woodstock)
posted by Taylor, 11/27/2005 12:52:00 PM | link 1 comments


Hey =) Its amazing how few decent mp3 blogs seem to actually be around... I mean, of all the insanely huge numbers, you ever get people who feel the need to justify any music with a 3 page essay on the opening bar, or people who just blatently want to make as much music available for illegal download as possible.
Anyway, i just found your blog and i thought id say YAY and hello :) Iv just been reading through and im so insanely impressed already i just want yo give you a big hug!
I realise now how odd this may all seem... So, yea, il finish it with a more manly and sane summary.
"Cool blog mate" *big thumbs up*
commented by Anonymous Jon, 11/28/2005 04:43:00 AM  

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