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Thursday, December 15

Scenic Square

Scenic Square is probably my favorite local band. I went to school with them and they are all great guys. I think that if they continue they can go pretty far. They are heavily influenced by New Order, Depeche Mode, and Radiohead. What sets them apart from other local bands for me is Jason's vocals, which fit the music very well.

I'd like to know how you guys like them, since I'm a bit biased. What do you think? View Scenic Square's Myspace Page for more songs.

From Opportunity (Buy here)
MP3 Opportunity

From The Grey EP
MP3 Complex
MP3 The Grey And Bleak

For Comparison Purposes
MP3 Radiohead - Idioteque

...And on a completely different note, I'd like to think all my readers for making the Top 25 of '05 post a success. I had over 1,000 hits yesterday which is an all-time high for me. I also found the most interesting link to my page ever from this blog. It's written in French but Google translates it as...

Music for kids who can' T read good splits itself in its turn of a classification of the year with truths pieces of mp3 inside. I am not sure to find my happiness in their choices, that known as.

I don't know whether this means something good or bad, but either way you got to give up for Google's Language Tools.
posted by Taylor, 12/15/2005 04:14:00 PM | link 4 comments


Don't worry. I only wrote nice things about you.
commented by Blogger Pierre, 12/16/2005 07:26:00 AM  
Translation: Music For Kid's who can't Read posts his "best of the year" with the proper mp3 tracks included. That said, I'm not sure his his choices match my style.

I think they're all good personally.
commented by Anonymous Carl, 12/16/2005 07:42:00 AM  
very nice. they don't remind me of radiohead (which is good because i don't like 'em!).
commented by Anonymous Elizabeth, 12/18/2005 05:16:00 PM  
wow, this scenic square is awesome. i can see the comparison to radiohead but i think that it lies more along the lines of a lo-fi version of the postal service. it takes the postal service concept and flips it around with the vocals being less of a soaring thing and more of a vehicle for relaxation. i love it and it's just putting me in a trance. it's so gently and beautiful and comfortable. i agree that have a lot of potential to go places.

i actually almost went right ahead to order opportunity but then held back as i am headed to Chicago next week and hope to track down a copy of hopefully both albums while i'm in town. this stuff is absolutely mesmerizing and beautiful. thanks so much for sharing it.

and sorry if i'm only making your bias towards them even greater :-p

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