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Monday, December 12

They say it's my birthday...

So it's my birthday today. It's been a great twenty years, full up ups and downs, etc... My parents gave me a USB Midi Keyboard, so now I can create music on my laptop. So to celebrate, here's a "Music For Kids Who Can't Read Good Birthday Mix".

MP3 The Beatles - Birthday
MP3 Bloc Party - The Present
MP3 Andrew Bird - The Happy Birthday Song
MP3 Beasties Boys - Fight For Your Right To Party
MP3 U2 - Party Girl

On a side note - the reason I haven't posted this weekend is because i've been doing on a huge site overhaul (as you might be able to tell). I've finally got a layout I like and I've added tons of new ads for you to click (clicking them makes me money - means i can buy more music - and post more). Just about finished tweaking my best of '05 post also (have to listen to a couple albums more to see where they place), so stick around.
posted by Taylor, 12/12/2005 08:09:00 PM | link 4 comments


Happy Birthday, man. The site design looks quite good.

Thanks for dropping by the other day. In fact I was just getting to know Erlend's DJ Kicks as of about two weeks before your post. Great stuff.
commented by Blogger Gina, 12/12/2005 10:06:00 PM  
Happy Birthday!

"We should have a walk-off. Old school rules."

Like the new blog design. I'm trying to come up with some way to revamp my blog. If you have any ideas let me know.
Noipo is where I got the original theme for Apes. Wierd.

My name's Adrienne and I am definitely ignoring the hell out of that person...unless they try to contact me then I am just going to slap them through an email and hit ignore.

Happy Happy Birthday Day...again.
Dammit, I have turned 20 today and I dropped same two tracks from here. Happy b.day, a bit late but this is my first time here.
commented by Blogger Moka, 12/20/2005 03:38:00 PM  

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