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Tuesday, January 31


You might be familiar with the a capella style of music where a group recreates the vocals and instrumentation of music with their voices. Take that concept, and throw in punk/emo from my sophomore year of high school (thats about 2001) and you get Emocapella. I found this 13-member group from George Washington University a few days ago on i guess i'm floating and was overfilled with nostalgia and the realization that emocapella often sings the songs better than the original groups.

MP3 Emocapella - Even Hitler Had A Girlfriend (Mr. T Experience)
MP3 Emocapella - At Your Funeral (Saves The Day)

here's the original (for comparison purposes)
MP3 At Your Funeral (from Stay What You Are)

From the Emocapella's site I found a video of one of their "guerilla performances" in which they basically become street singers for walker-bys on campus. They're singing Taking Back Sunday's "Cute Without the 'E' (Cut from the Team)" and it's hilarious. They actually start rocking out at the end and throwing chairs.

Download Emocapella - "Cute Without The E" video

You can buy their debut album here

In Other News:
Oscar Nominees and the line-up for Coachella were announced today. Check them out here and here.
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