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Monday, January 23

Jenny Lewis

A couple of days ago, I had my friend Evan from work draw a picture of Jenny Lewis (of Rilo Kiley, Postal Service, and now solo fame) for me. He's quite the artist as you can see. He based his drawing off of a picture attached to a current article in Spin Magazine. As most of you know, Jenny's new album Rabbit Fur Coat is coming out tomorrow and its already gotten some great reviews.

This will give you a full scope on Jenny's work.
Child Actress
(From Troop Beverly Hills, 1989)

Rilo Kiley

Bulletproof (From Take Offs and Landings, 2001)
MP3 Better Son/Daughter (From Execution of All Things, 2002)
MP3 Portions for Foxes (More Adventurous, 2004)

The Postal Service
We Will Become Silhouettes (Give Up, 2003)

Solo (with Watson Twins)
Big Guns (Rabbit Fur Coat, 2006)

As you can see, Miss Lewis already has had quite an illustrious career and I can only imagine what the future holds for her. Maybe soon she'll have her own Alias-Type Show or join the Blue Man Group.
posted by Taylor, 1/23/2006 12:59:00 PM | link 5 comments


I had no idea that was Jenny Lewis in Troop Beverly Hills!
Hmm... I really love that Postal Service song, but unfortunately it's not Jenny Lewis singing on it. She does appear on some other album tracks, but it's Jen Wood singing the non-Ben parts on "Nothing Better."
Your right! I changed the song, thanks for the correction...

although I thought I remembered a live video where she sang during that song... I'll have to check again.
commented by Blogger Taylor, 1/24/2006 02:52:00 PM  
I think I own troop beverly hills on VHS.
commented by Blogger Goose, 1/24/2006 03:22:00 PM  
That's possible. Jenny Lewis toured with Postal Service for the live shows. I'm fairly certain she sang ALL the backing vocals on those shows.

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