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Friday, January 20

The John Merrick Experience

The John Merrick Experience (otherwise known as JME) are a French electronic/indie/rock band from France. There influences range from Pink Floyd to Depeche Mode, and they have plenty of interesting sounds and psychedelic guitars to keep you engaged in the music. They get there name from the lead character of the movie, Elephant Man (of which you can find out more on there myspace).

Nick from the John Merrick Experience recently sent me a song from their upcoming album called "Under My Skin, which I've been listening to for a couple days. It's a very good song with influences coming from all over. The beginning sounds Bowie-like, especially with the cabaret-like piano, and the end has a rocking/bluesy guitar solo that Jimmy Page would have been proud of. Heres the track:

MP3 Under My Skin

And for no real reason, heres a bonus MP3 which is from an album titled Under My Skin. I don't care what anyone says, I agree with Ben Gibbard when he says that Avril Lavigne is "pretty good."

MP3 Fall to Pieces
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