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Tuesday, January 10

Steve Jobs Keynote at Apple Going On Today!

Today is the Keynote day at Macworld Expo in San Fransisco. It's the best day to be an Apple fan because today is when alot of best new mac products for the year get announced. Anyway, the keynote is going on right now and there's already been some cool stuff announced: 14 million iPods sold holiday '05, Bowl games and SNL available for download, iLife '06 with improvements in iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, and a new program - iWeb, First Mac with Intel processor today, something called Rosetta, new laptop Macbook Pro!!!

That's all I can get for now, I'll give a full recap by the end of the day. Here's a song I'm throwing in for fun.

MP3 Arcade Fire - My Heart Is An Apple

*edit - check apple.com for more info on everything they just updated their front page - the new laptop with the intel chips is 4 TIMES FASTER the new iMac is 2-3 times faster. There's some new blogging and podcasting equipment I've yet to read up on.

new Intel-based MacBook Pro, starting at $1999:


'all the new products'?

so, we won't be seeing any more ipods in '06, powermacs, plasma macs...

and, um, how about those emails?
I'm so glad that you posted this Arcade Fire track, with no commentary on it or anything. I mean, otherwise I'm sure I would never have heard of Arcade Fire.

Truly, this is what fine mp3 blogging is all about.

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