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Friday, February 10

All The Arrested Development You Could Ever Ask for/Want/Need In One Place.

I just watched the finale. What are your takes on the ending? Is there going to be a movie? What do you guys think? Anyway here's a short review/memories. Click here to read all the articles I had up earlier.

My Review --
What a fantastic four episodes. The first one was hysterical. The Judge Reinhold and Willima Hung stuff was sooo much funnier than I thought it would be. The second had some hilarious lines, possibly the dirtiest AD ever. The third had the best political humor the show has seen. The fourth was a fitting conclusion (?) to the show, bringing everything full circle.

Random favorite moments: Buster wanting ice cream, 53 weeks, "I always pictured GOB in a light house", troubled youths practicing dentistry on coma patients, "her?", George's Shrimp, Franklin, Judge Reinhold Talking Magazine Ad, Buster's photoshoot with mom, "This is the best free scrapbooking club I've ever been too!", Skating With Celebrities, "Your a crook, Captain Hook", Burning Bush, "No scar! dot com.", George Michael's reactions especially to the "having kids" line, Finishing each others... Sandwhiches, John Wayne Hospital, Tobias' attraction to Michael (spooning), "Now would you please put on the Cartoon Network and get the HELL out of my room?" There's so much more. Add some of yours in the comments if you have them.
MP3 TV Theme - Arrested Development

I'm collecting all of the Arrested Development News and putting it here. It's all coming in so frickin' fast. By the end of the night expect there to be a huge database of links and a couple of things I throw in. But so I don't fill up all my space (ha, myspace) on the blog, alot of this content comes off the table at midnight, Just like Gobias Industries.

MP3 TV Theme - Arrested Development
(so this remains a music blog)

In The Blogs:

Veritas Lux Mea gives you some advice.

"the final four episodes of Arrested Development air tonight on Fox. Oh yeah, and it's during the Opening Ceremonies of the Winter Olympics. Screw the Olympics, I'm watching Arrested Development."

Everybody Cares, Everybody Understands wonders if this is Arrested Development's last stand.

My favorite show on television the past three years, bar none, has been Arrested Development. I was one of the sinfully few who actually watched the first episode in its big roll-out premiere on FOX in 2003 (about the last time the station would ever give it any kind of decent promotion) and one of the even fewer who stuck around to watch every episode since. Sadly, despite incredible reviews from fawning critics, an Emmy for Best Comedy, and an insanely talented cast and group of writers, the show just never caught on with the public at large."

Chromewaves takes a shot at Fox.

"what's the matter, Fox, couldn't find a way to get them on opposite the Super Bowl? That certainly would have been far more keeping in line with the respect they gave the show over the past three years."

Best Week Ever Blog

ABC and Showtime are battling it out to be the next network to cancel Arrested Development.

Riley McCarthy tells you things to do instead of the Olympics (I wonder what one might be)

The Caffeine Diaries tells you an interesting way to watch tonights episodes.

"I will devour these four episodes, immediately download them, watch them until I know them back and forth, all while chanting "Show-time, show-time." Because optimism is my default setting."

Annie gives us a really funny list of life lessons learned on Arrested Development.

"--There's always money in the banana stand.
--If you don't leave a note when the milk runs out, then you may be responsible for an innocent man losing his arm.
--If you're driving a staircar, then you're gonna get some hop-ons.
--A British accent can handily mask mental retardation.
--It ain't easy being white or brown."

Link with Reality gives a new perspective on the cast.

"Even the casting makes me laugh, as a sort of who’s who of the eighties. Richie Cunningham (Ron Howard) doing voiceovers. Hey-Now Hank (Jeffrey Tambor) as the father. Is that really David Hogan (Jason Bateman) from Valerie? The Fonz (Henry Winkler) as the family’s lawyer, to later be replaced by Chachi (Scott Baio)."

This blog tells things to know about throwing an Arrested Development party tonight.

City Girl Suburban Mom talks about the end

"At least Fox, which has made the brilliant decision to cancel the critically acclaimed “Arrested Development,” decided to give the show and its fans an honorable farewell. Right. On the contrary, the network which has elected to go with such compelling TV as “Skating with Celebrities” and “Trading Spouses: Meet Your New Mommy,” is tossing the final four episodes into a single Friday night."

In The Media:

Kristen (who has been Arrested's best friend in the media) does a comprehensive article with lots of juicy (mainly sad) gossip.

"A source deep, deep (like, Anyoung-in-the-walls deep) inside Arrested tells me: "It's 20 percent that it'll come back [on another network]...and 80 percent that it won't" ...

....I can tell you that creator and exec producer Mitch Hurwitz is currently contemplating pickup deals from two networks. ABC has offered a 13-episode season to air on Thursday nights this fall. And an offer from Showtime is for 12 episodes a year for two years, with the option of a third.
By all accounts, Showtime is the more attractive offer, given that it would relieve the ratings pressure that has plagued the show from day one and also allow the cast to work on other projects nine months out of the year. However, for the writers and producers, it would be a similar amount of heavy lifting (especially for Hurwitz, who spearheads each episode from start to finish--'cause, let's face it, you can't delegate genius) for a network that might not have the budget to offer quite so much in return."

The Trentonian.com makes some strongly-worded statements.

" If you’re a true American, you will not watch the Olympics tonight. You will instead watch "Arrested Development" on FOX.

Let’s nutshell this: Watch the Olympics, you’re a communist. Watch "Arrested Development," you’re a patriot. "

Time Out New York asks the cast what there favorite episodes are. Priceless!

"David Cross - Spring Breakout - I like any show that doesn't have me in blue paint or 50 pounds of prosthetics, which rules out about 75 percent of the episodes. But the most fun I ever had was when we were shooting a flashback to a previous intervention for Jessica where we'd all just gotten drunk. We'd been shooting for ten hours and were tired and giggly, and they just let the cameras go. Tony is playing this weird dirge on the piano and I'm dancing with all my clothes off except for my jeans, and Jason and Will [Arnett] are on the table with Franklin the puppet, and Will and Jason are laughing for real. Will was laughing so hard he was crying. It's only two seconds long, but it was the single most fun shoot."

USA Today ponders if ShowTime or ABC could get Arrested.
USA Today reviews tonights show.
Another USA Today Article (With Spoilers)

Boston Globe has a great article (With Spoilers) (Via The O-P)

"Indeed, we're lucky to have gotten 53 rich episodes. I still marvel at the frequency of jokes in each 22-minute block of ''Arrested Development." The four final episodes, which air back to back tomorrow night at 8 on Channel 25, are so layered, you'll want to re-watch them to catch the puns and self-references and sly allusions you overlooked. The writers of the show, led by creator Mitchell Hurwitz, loved to bury easy-to-miss comic Easter eggs in their dialogue. And with no laugh track to signal ''LAUGH NOW" and a cast that's expert at casually dropping lines, so many of the goofs on Tobias's sexuality and Lucille's alcoholism just snuck on by. "

Boston Herald also has a good article on Arrested Development. (With Spoilers)

"You’ll find more jokes here than even 10 episodes of ‘‘My Name Is Earl” - and about 3,000 more than any episode of ‘‘Two and a Half Men.”

A kind-of lame New York Times Article, oh well at least people will read about it. (via the O-P)

Finally, here's Mitch's Five Favorite Episodes from Entertainment Weekly

5. Exit Strategy/Development Arrested
4. Motherboy XXX
3. Good Grief
2. The Ocean Walker
1. Pier Pressure/Making a Stand

Continue Reading For 20 Arrested Development Articles all from February 10th.
posted by Taylor, 2/10/2006 01:56:00 PM | link 6 comments


i love jason bateman.
commented by Blogger Lizzy, 2/10/2006 02:31:00 PM  
Fantastic post Taylor! You're on a roll lately...

I'll definitely give this one a link right away.

commented by Blogger Chad, 2/10/2006 05:03:00 PM  
Arrested Development is/was my favourite show on tv. I'll miss Gob & Franklin, and the whole incestuous lot of them. :)
commented by Blogger muruch, 2/12/2006 11:43:00 AM  
BUD CORT!!! best moment for me by far. and the "hung jury" comment also, even though we all saw it coming. :)

ahhh, i can't believe it's really over. COME ON!!!
Yeah.. Buster's Line, "I kinda like Skating with Celebrities" was priceless.
"Why must there be puppets like Frank?" Way to throw us an obscure Blue Velvet reference there Arrested Development. I will miss.

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