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Saturday, February 11

Anyone want Matt Pond PA tickets?

I know this is a pretty pathetic post, but I just found out that I can't go to the Matt Pond PA show of which I've already bought tickets. They cost 33.00 dollars (for two) but I'll give them to anyone that'll give me a reasonable price. I'm in Illinois so shipping shouldn't be that much of a hassle. They're playing with Dios (Malos) and Youth Group, so it should be a great show and I'm very disappointed I'm missing it.

What: 2 Matt Pond PA Tickets
Where: Chicago, Double Door
When: Monday, February 20th
How Much: I'll take anything at this point.

Here's some sample tracks to spark your interest.
MP3 matt pond PA - From Debris
MP3 matt pond PA - The Butcher
MP3 Dios (Malos) - Say Anything
MP3 Youth Group - Forever Young

Email Me any offers. If you know someone that might be interested in these bargain tickets have them email me, because I might throw in some extras if you hook me up (CD's, merchandise, etc...).


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