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Tuesday, February 28

Fun, New Apple Products / Maria Taylor

Steve Jobs did another of his famous keynote speeches announcing what he called "fun, new products" . The specifics are still coming in but so far we have

- a new Intel Mac mini
2.5x - 3.2x faster
Six button Apple remote and IR Sensor
Can hook up to your television set.
Comes with Front Row

- Front Row with Bonjour
Find music, TV, movies, photos on any computer on the house (Mac or Windows) and play it with Front Row on your television sets through your Mac Mini.

- the iPod Hi-Fi. (picture above)
"Home stereo. Reinvented"
Controlled with the Apple Remote.
Great bass, doesn't distort when cranked up.
Power it off of six D-size batteries if you want. "Several hours outside."

In musical news:

I'm adding Mates of State and Mariah Taylor to my concert schedule and I'm listening to Maria Taylor now and I really like her (and not just for her great last name). I found out that she was one half of the band Azure Ray, which is a group I like but I wish I had gotten into more. Finally, she's on Saddle Creek Records which has always produced great artists/records. Here's two tracks from her.
MP3 Song Beneath the Song
MP3 Speak Easy

Mocking Music loves Mates' new CD. They also have a cool new layout.

More Arrested Development News (from TV Guide):
SHOWTIME FOR THE BLUTHS?: Hmm, maybe the fat lady should shut her mouth and take a seat. The New York Post hears brand-new buzz that Showtime has not only picked up Fox's canceled Arrested Development but has ordered a full 26 episodes.
posted by Taylor, 2/28/2006 12:54:00 PM | link 2 comments


Hopefully if the Bluth's get a new contract the writers try harder than they did this year. The show became less subtle and as a result, less funny (I found). It almost seemed that they were chasing a wider, thoughtless audience who needed jokes spelled out for them. I found this season to be a huge letdown after the previous two that were amazing.
commented by Blogger eyun, 2/28/2006 06:56:00 PM  
FYI, it's Maria Taylor, not Mariah. And yeah, it's a great album. "Xanax" is an especially good song.
commented by Anonymous mjrc, 3/02/2006 08:46:00 PM  

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