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Monday, February 27

MC Lars

I don't usually write about hip hop acts, but I felt that I needed to make an exception for MC Lars. He plays a unique brand of music that he calls Post Punk Laptop Rapping. Basically its hip hop, created on his Apple Powerbook (good choice), that pokes fun at every aspect of pop culture. Imagine a Family Guy episode as a hip hop album. He namechecks Craigs list, iPods, Captain Kirk, Devo, Bill O'Reilley, and Lamb Chop. He slams MTV, Crunk Rap, consumerism, Internet Relationships, emo, and (especially) the RIAA.

Like a Family Guy episode though, MC Lars can get a bit redundant. There's probably only a few songs that I'd listen to multiple times. Maybe it's just because of my inexperience with hip hop. I'd still rate this album favorly and I definitley recommend that you listen to the next two tracks. "Download This Song" features an awesome use of Iggy Pop's "The Passenger" and the lyrics on "Hot Topic Is Not Punk Rock" are very accurate (sample lyric: Rob Zombie lunchboxes are not punk rock...SpongeBob wristbands are not punk rock).

MP3 Download This Song
MP3 Hot Topic Is Not Punk Rock
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Hey there! Just wanted to say that the site you got here keeps getting better and better. You've got lots of wonderful songs and artists that not too many others are featuring! Keep up the good work.

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