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Tuesday, February 21

Page France

I just exhausted my entire emusic 50 downloads last night and filled out my music collection with selections from Of Montreal, Eagle*Seagull, Architecture in Helsinki, and The National, but by far my favorite artist that I downloaded was Page France. There's been alot of talk about the Christian influence in the band and Sufjan comparisons were inevitable, but what everyone can agree on is that they rock, especially if you like addictive songs with strumming acoustic guitars and chimes.

Matt has been posting a ridiculous amount of Page France lately over at You Ain't No Picasso and you'd be a fool not to go there and download some of their new material. Before you do that, though, download a couple of these tracks from their fabulous 2005 album, Hello, Dear Wind:

MP3 Chariot
MP3 Junkyard

In Other News:
-I've added a section on my blog roll for fresh and new blogs. If you've just started up a blog in the last couple of months or know of a good one, leave a comment and I'll probably put it up there.

-Me and this blog posted the exact same track yesterday. Their blog name is making me hungry.
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I just started my music blog

Not the Spotlight

and would really appreciate a shout-out :-)

What's up Taylor...been reading your blog for a while now and wanted to say that I'm definitely feeling it a lot...the music as well as the zoolander theme...gotta say thats prolly my favorite comedy movie since Wayne's World...you have good taste...I actually started a comedy/satire/music review blog called The Passion of the Weiss at the end of November and would really appreciate an add to your blog roll..I've actually been meaning to update my blogroll as well and throw up a link to your site...I'm trying to figure out how to post Mp3's for I am rather dumb, are there any good how-to-sites you recommend? Thanks and keep up the good work
I don't have an exclusively music blog, but feel free to link. I wanted to comment because I saw you mentioned Eagle Seagull, and they are from here in Nebraska. I have posted on them before. Saw em last month and they were great.


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