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Wednesday, February 15

Reeve Carney

Reeve Carney has had a very illustrious career for a 22-year old. First of all, his bio said he could play the piano before he could even walk. I know that when I was still crawling, piano playing was the last thing I was thinking of. Then he sang with Peter, Paul, and Mary when he was eight years old. Reeve is also an actor, he won the "Best Performance in a Feature Film" Young Artists award after he played young Ishmael in Snow Falling On Cedars.

Since then, he's been focusing on music and has played with B.B. King and the Johnny Lang band. His solo release, Looking Glass EP, features some wonderful folk songs ("Think of You" is beautiful) and a hint of glam, the song "Now That You're Mine" seems like it could have been written by Freddie Mercury.

MP3 Think Of You
MP3 Now That You're Mine
MP3 Looking Glass

In Other News:
I've had the new Flaming Lips for a couple of days now and I like what I hear. Dodge has a couple tracks for you.

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