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Monday, March 6

Blondie - Sound and Vision: Greatest Hits

As most of you probably know this website is based off a little movie called Zoolander. The song that plays during the title sequence of this movie is none other than Blondie. This week, Blondie's coming out with a new CD/DVD called Sound and Vision (also a great Bowie song), that I think is going to be the definitive collection for Blondie fans. They're celebrating their 30th anniversary and their upcoming induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, so now is the perfect time to start listening to them (if you don't already).

Blondie was one of the most innovative bands of its time in the fields of new wave and punk rock, but they've also ventured into disco, hip hop, and reggae, and unlike many others, were successful in every venture they tried. The album has all the classics you'd expect on a greatest hits package as well as a couple of new mixes and a mash-up with the Doors.

Call Me
As seen on the opening titles of Zoolander.

MP3 Maria
This #1 single could be my favorite Blondie track. Great song for dancing and I love the bells.

MP3 Blondie vs The Doors - Rapture Riders
This mash-up is one of three new tracks on the CD. Ever wonder what Jim Morrison would have sounded like if he went disco? Well, now you know.

In other news:
Have you been to Come Pick Me Up lately? They've added new writers, gotten a new layout (partially thanks to yours truly), and have been posting some great music.
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