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Friday, March 10

B&S/New P's. Acoustic Franz.

I'll be making my way up to chicago again today for what will probably be one of the best concerts of the year. Belle and Sebastian with The New Pornographers (I call them the New Photographers in front of my parents). Obviously I will be having a great time and will have much to talk about on Monday so make sure to stop back for the regular edition of photos/review/live video.

Before I go, let me bestow on you this song, a shorter, acoustic (but still good) version of Franz Ferdinand's "The Fallen" which appeared on their last record.

MP3 The Fallen (Acoustic)

MP3 Walk Away (Acoustic)
posted by Taylor, 3/10/2006 11:50:00 AM | link 1 comments


"New Photographers"....hee hee. I'm 30 and I have to do the same thing in front of my parents.

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