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Thursday, March 30

Emma Burgess

Emma Burgess probably tops my list for best Myspace artist submission of all time. She sent me a nice little message along with her friend submission, her page is really well done (as myspace pages go) and her music is some of the most refreshing, I've heard in a long time. Most importantly, she's a huge Queen fan (as seen from her influences list and Bicycle Race quote).

The songs she has on there are all labeled "demo", but don't let that throw you, they are all exceptional. "Best Thing" is her most rocking song and she kindof sounds like Gwen Stefani (which for me, isn't a bad thing), "Blame" is a Ben Folds-like midtempo piano song, and "Mass." (my favorite) is an absolutely gorgeous folk song.

Someone should make a blog exclusively about the girls of indie folk because there's a ton of good ones out there right now: Jenny Lewis, Laura Veirs, Haley Bonar, Inara George and now, Emma Burgess.

MP3 Mass.
MP3 Best Thing
MP3 Blame

Go to her myspace!

I'll choose not to comment on the AD situation.
posted by Taylor, 3/30/2006 10:56:00 AM | link 2 comments


nice tracks, Mass would be my favourite :)

I think there is a blog on female indie, but I'm not very familiar with it: it's called WomenFolk
commented by Anonymous daniela, 4/08/2006 07:20:00 PM  

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