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Wednesday, March 8

Free-for-all Wednesday! The Working Title and more...

My mailbox has been filling up with lots of bands I want to talk about lately, and I still want to do some of my regular features so I'm going to cover three of the best I've gotten in this one post. First and foremost, I bring you The Working Title.

I've known the Working Title from their tours with Copeland and Mae (#19 and #12) among others, and I've been enjoying their new music alot. The guitar sound on the new songs are much more captivating than their EP and they contrast the high energy choruses with verses that seamlessly blends vocals with acoustic guitar. Here's two tracks that are going to be on the new album:

MP3 The Crash
MP3 Something She Said

The Working Title are going to be touring with Mute Math and their debut album comes out Summer 2006. Visit their myspace for more info.

The 303s plays catchy Indie Electronica music for fans of The Cure, Joy Division, and Architecture in Helinski. They make good usage of guitar distortion and pounding drum beats in their songs, while still making them accessible to a large audience (and they're much better than Morningwood).

MP3 Beyond The Lines

Visit their myspace and preorder their debut album.

Lucky Boys Confusion are a Illinois band that are making pop-punk with hooks galore that only make you slightly guilty when jamming to. The song is called Atari and it's about not caring about whats going on in the world because all you want to do is stay home and play Atari. Who doesn't relate to that?

MP3 Atari

Listen to more at their myspace.

In other news:
- Mr. Anonymous won the Guess The Song Titles game (you know who you are). Email Me for your prize.

-The Colbert Report and The Daily Show are now in iTunes. Sweet!

-Have you seen this live action version of the Simpsons intro. Any Simpsons fan will love this.

-Kayne West is playing at the school that I'll be going to in the fall. I think it's interesting that ISU is the #3 venue that Phish won't play.
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Hey man, you'll have a good time at ISU for sure. I'm at Illinois in Champaign just down the road, so there's a decent chance we'll be at a few of the same shows.

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