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Thursday, March 9

Half-Handed Cloud

Half-hounded cloud is pop perfection. in fact, sometimes it seems its too perfect, like the songs are pieced together by the best parts of every pop song over the years. I think some research needs to be done on this. Until then, you can listen to this amazing project from the quirky and multi-talented John Ringhofer. There's an obvious Brian Wilson influence in the music production and some of the sounds on the CD sound like it they've been plucked out of the mid-80's. He also uses biblical allusions in nearly every song (even more than Sufjan if you can imagine that).

I actually talked to Ringhofer when I only knew him from the Illinoisemakers, but now I wish I could go back and ask him about Half-Hounded Cloud. Halos & Lassos is availble to buy at Asmathic Records now for only 10 dollars. Do it now.

MP3 A Suit of Clouds To Ride The Skies
MP3 You've Been Faithful To Us Clouds

one of my favorites from an earlier release:
MP3 I Got a Letter
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