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Wednesday, March 15

My Dirty Little (music-related) Secret

Let me warn you, some of this may be shocking or even frightening: When I was a young lad, I listened to a lot of Contemporary Christian Music (embarrasing, I know). But, it came with my upbringing, and I now see that about 99% of that music was complete crap (why do you think Page France/Mute Math/Sufjan try to stay miles away from being labeled "Christian Music"). I still recognize it as a part of my music heritage, though.

Over the years, I've carried a handful of these songs with me (for sentimental/humor value, of course). Here's a few songs from the mid-90's for the non-heathen. And if you are a heathen, they at least make a good laugh:

MP3 dc Talk - Colored People
An anti-racist song with the line "Pardon me, your epidermis is showing".

MP3 Newsboys - Entertaining Angels
Fully-orchestrated pop hooks from Austrailia.

MP3 Jars of Clay - Flood
Christian Music's first MTV hit (not that great a song though).

MP3 Audio Adrenaline - People Like Me
Slide guitar and handclaps make for a poppy song.

This next one is hilarious. Seriously, you will laugh very hard. Props to dc Talk for making a song about Sex for Christian pre-teens.
MP3 dc Talk - I Don't Want It

Sample lyric: 1-900-L-O-V-E / S-E-X is on the TV / too much skin is in my vision / Got to make the right decision.
posted by Taylor, 3/15/2006 01:38:00 PM | link 12 comments


not even the son of man would admit his love for some of these. you are a brave brave soul, taylor. PK's man, they are dangerous!
commented by Blogger wwjblog, 3/15/2006 03:47:00 PM  
Hey Man - these are great songs. I wish someone would create a good music Blog for CCM. I know CCR plays some cool stuff, but I'm sure there is ton's of stuff not on the radio that would be worth hearing.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 3/15/2006 03:50:00 PM  
nothing wrong with a bit of 'ol DC Talk! :D
You are right, some Christian rock is just, well, embarrassingly cheesy. And of course, even if it's just nostalgia speaking, I still like a lot of it! But I'm always surprise how well some of it still holds up (DC Talk's What If I Stumble is a great track, and I'm partial to Switchfoot's New Way to Be Human). Besides, the Newsboys put on a great show! All these years later, and they're still turning the drummer and drum set upside-down! And it's still an awesome stunt! Thanks for this!
I'm a great big atheist but also enjoy two somewhat embarassing (but fun) christian bands - Relient K and FM Static. I love the smell of pro-Jesus pop punk in the morning.
commented by Blogger Miles, 3/16/2006 10:13:00 AM  
Wow. Talk about a crazy flashback moment. Add to that a little Petra, Stryper and Amy Grant, and you'd have my entire musical catalogue up through my sophmore year. *sheepish* Thank god (no pun intended) for public high school. And for realizing that I didn't care that listening to secular music might send me straight to hell... teehee. Although every great once in awhile I'll let myself indulge in some Plumb or Kendall Payne -- when no one else is around, of course.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 3/16/2006 03:13:00 PM  
DC talk is good, i just want you to know that, think that everyone on here should. They have their cheesy moments, but musically, what should be their most embarassing album, the early nineties rap of "Free at Last" is a totally solid if not a little funny and amusing record. The song about S-E-X is serious, and even if you don't agree with the guys they found an interesting way to present a totally taboo subject in Christian music.... I think this should be a good reason for some people to give the Christian music scene a look over. The Newsboys have been putting out some excellent quality mainstream-radio esque music for quite some time, and their songwriting is fun and compelling. Jars of Clay has had an inconsistant career, but their first album was incredibly promising, and if you look closely, their have been excellent tracks recorded since. Also, if you have never listened to underground Christian hip-hop or punk/hardcore/ska/art-rock take this as a prime example to experience Mars Ill, Deepspace 5, MxPx, Starflyer 59, Danielson Famile, Denison Witmer, twothirtyeight, John Reuben, THe Juliana Theory, Stretch Armstrong, Five Iron Frenzy, Norma Jean (first album), Anberlin, and mewithoutyou.

All incredible bands overlooked due to their Christian label, now who is prejudice?
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 3/16/2006 03:40:00 PM  
Ha, despite the fact that I listen to none of it now, I had every one of those albums growing up! Glad to know I'm not alone!
OMG, I remember desperately trying to find quality "Christian" rock in my god squad days. The only CD that survived my subsequent personal iconoclasm was the brilliant "Delusions of Grandeur" album from Fleming and John, who still ellusively pop up on my music radar at the darndest times.
I too was raised on Christian music. Meh.
i'm glad I've moved on to better and brighter things!
Aww I love it. My very first concert was a Steven Curtis Chapman show with Audio Adrenaline as the opening act. I loved CCM then and I still have a soft spot for it now, though my standards have gone WAY up from when I was younger.

My personal fave cheesy DCTalk line was always "Hey you, I'm into Jesus". *facepalm* Who writes this stuff!?
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 3/27/2006 07:04:00 PM  
geez...there sure are a lot of 'anonymous' users owning up to liking this stuff. that's not very bold of you all.
i was raised on this stuff and will admit that, back then, i was so bonkers over it that i even tossed all my non-christian tapes & cds - not once, but twice! (this is a common occurence amongst the christian teen community, i've learned)
nowadays, i don't really have a soft spot for it anymore, though. it's more like a funny bone. there were a handful of bands that have actually withstood the test of time, even under a broader scope. and though the artists whose songs are posted above were the most popular and most listened to of that era, none of them fall into that category.
the prayer chain/lassie foundation, starflyer 59, velour 100, luxury, havalina, danielson famile, poor old lu, morella's forest, mike knott, driver eight...those are some bands i remember from that time that were actually making good music. and some of them still are (r.i.p. lassie foundation).
anybody remember big tent revival? omg, i just cracked myself up! need some more laughs? check out this comparitive music recommendation chart i found on the internets.
commented by Anonymous mikejones, 4/04/2006 02:22:00 PM  

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