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Tuesday, March 7

Nada Surf / Rogue Wave - Live Review/Pictures/Video

Last Sunday I went to Chicago, mainly to see Rogue Wave, but I left fully satisfied with every artist. The night was a little bit folk, a little bit chamber pop, and a little bit indie punk, and I recommend everyone who can to catch this show when it comes around.

Inara George
was the opening artist (I profile her here) and she played a folky set of almost exclusively new material. She was very cute, very talented, and very funny....she seemed very natural on the stage and afterwards while the metro announcer was telling the rules / emergency exits she did flight attendant style motions for us (much to the enjoyment of the crowd).

Next up was Rogue Wave and before the set while Mr. Rogue was setting up I asked him if he would play Everyday or Seconds. He said he'd like to but didn't have enough time tonight. The band was very tight and Zack said that Chicago was his favorite place to play.

Every Moment. The layering of guitars and vocals. You. The drummer's hair. California. A snippet of Postage Stamp World on crowd request. These guys. (especially) Love's Lost Guarantee.

MP3 Rogue Wave - Publish My Love

Nada Surf came on next accompanied by smoke and mirrors. No really, their stage setup consisted of a bunch of mirrors in the background and a overzealous fog machine. They played a long set but the crowd ate it up. They're definitely at the top of their game.

Highlights: Always Love. Blankest Year (some Rogue Wave members and about 1o other people got up on the stage to "party". Imaginary friends. The Bass hair/cigarette usage. Popular, which I didn't expect but was fun. Girls fawning over the Matthew Caws. The drummers smart-alecky comments. Fruit Fly. Zack Rogue playing guitar on Do It Again. Inara George's short appearance. A snippet of Love Will Tear Us Apart.

MP3 Do It Again

Finally, Matthew announced they would not not be playing at a festival in chicago starting with an 'L' and ending in a 'ollapalooza'* (That's a double negative if you didn't catch it or didn't graduate from sixth grade)

Check out a ton more pictures on this page (including each setlist).

The audio is a bit distorted on the following videos because it was so freakin' loud. You still get a good feel of the concert.
MOV Nada Surf - Blankest Year (:30 "party" video)
MOV Rogue Wave - Love's Lost Guarantee (1:30 of the outro)

*Music For Kids Who Can't Read Good Exclusive!

In other news:
Tomorrow, I'll tell you who won the Guess the Song Titles contest. If you want to still get it on it look a few posts down and put your entry in the comments.
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