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Wednesday, March 29

The New Amsterdams - Story Like A Scar

The former lead singer of The Get Up Kids, Matt Pryor's band, The New Amsterdams, released their fourth full length album yesterday. I've really enjoyed New Amsterdam's past work which puts the acoustic guitar as the centerpiece and mixes folk music, soft rock, and pop sensibilities into their songs (which usually clock in under three minutes).

I've only listened to a couple of their new songs, so I can't comment on the quality of the album, but the two songs I have seem to fit in well with the rest of their catalog. They are playing at Lollapalooza, so if you're going make sure to check them out.

Here's two songs from the new album:
MP3 Turn Out The Light (acoustic)
MP3 The Death of Us

Here's two of my favorite songs from from their past albums:
MP3 Stay on the Phone
MP3 Worse For The Wear

Buy the new album.
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