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Thursday, March 23

PLOrk: Princeton Laptop Orchestra

PLOrk is just what you probably think it is. A bunch of college students laying on the floor in an audiotorium playing on their Mac Powerbook laptops and making some sort of music. I can't decide yet if the music is genius or mediocre, maybe its a bit of both. It's very much like the minimalistic music I listened to in Music Appreciation last year.

Each student plays a series of notes on their laptops and when put together they make something that is often repetitive and can either be consanant (melodic), such as "On The Floor", or dissonant (unharmonized), such as "The PLOrk Tree". "Conflict" is probably the most active song in their catalog, featuring dozens of different loops and samples with interesting results. As I said you might hate this music, you might want it as background/study music (like me), or you might be a big fan of experimental music and love it.

MP3 On The Floor
MP3 The PLOrk Tree
MP3 Conflict: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Parse Error

Visit their website for the rest
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