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Friday, March 31

Snow Patrol Leak Alert!

Snow Patrol's new CD has been making its way around the internet the last few days and I've heard most of the new songs. I really enjoyed Final Straw, "Run" was easily one of my favorite songs of 2004, and "How To Be Dead" and "Chocolate" weren't far behind. The album as a whole didn't work for me as well for as the individual songs.

The new album might have the same problem. So far I really love Chasing Cars and You're All I Have, but I'm really not liking "Hands Open" (the Sufjan shout-out is pretty cringe worthy) and I haven't completely grown into "Set The Fire To The Third Bar".

MP3 You're All I Have
MP3 Chasing Cars

These are just samples, I'm definitely going to be buying this album when it comes out and I would hope that you do too.
posted by Taylor, 3/31/2006 12:50:00 PM | link 4 comments


I can't stop reading in here - Great blog!!!!
Set the Fire to the Third Bar may just be the best song off that album.
Set Fire To The Third Bar is the best track on that alblum.
commented by Anonymous Clare, 4/18/2006 05:30:00 PM  
Set the Fire to the Third Bar is one of my favorites off Eyes Open. Martha Wainwright's voice is perfect paired with Gary Lightbody's. I like Open Your Eyes too. And of course the huge wave of sound on Make This Go On Forever is so beautiful, you can't help but feeling like you're part of the song.
I'm going to see them June9th, so I hope they're as amazing live as they are on this album.

And p.s. GREAT BLOG! I've been looking through it for about an hour now! Keep up the good work.
commented by Blogger Becky, 5/28/2006 07:17:00 PM  

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