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Sunday, March 12

String Quartet Tribute - Led Zeppelin

First off, let me say that the Belle and Sebastian concert was probably the best concert of my life. I got a ton of video from the band that you'll want to check out so make sure to stop by tomorrow and do that.

Continuing with the String Quartet Tributes, today I have one of history's great rock bands, Led Zeppelin. Along with Houses of Holy, Led Zeppelin IV is my favorite Led Zeppelin album (pretty typical, right), and both these songs are from that album. The tribute's version of Going to California is beautiful. There's bound to be some criticism of Stairway to Heaven since it is "the third greatest rock song of all time", but I think they do the song justice.

MP3 Going To California
MP3 Stairway to Heaven

Buy the album here.
posted by Taylor, 3/12/2006 12:43:00 PM | link 1 comments


so what are the no1 and n02 greatest rock songs?

nice blog btw

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