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Friday, April 28

American Girls in the Movies...

Last night on "The O.C." (insert silly excuse for watching that show), I noticed a song that sounded very familiar. When I investigated further I found out it was Syd Matters singing "To All of You", who was an artist I profiled about three months back (which happens to be the exact time that bloggers usually wait for an artist repost). The song was featured in a couple of key parts on the show, and it really fit well. I've also noticed Syd Matters showing up on songs:illinois as well as on Daylight for the Bird's influences list. Basically, this guy's going places.

MP3 Syd Matters - To All Of You

Go to his official site for a few more tunes.
Buy his latest.

In other news: I was at American Eagle buying shoes yesterday and Irving were on the screen singing Situation (Download MP3). I did a post on Irving a couple months back too, proving that blogs are around 2-3 months ahead of the pack. But you already knew that right?
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