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Tuesday, April 11

Bodies of Water

I received Bodies of Water's EP in my mail last week, wrapped in a fancy brown lunch bag, and it is delicious (see how i did that with the lunch bag/food analogy, thats what I call journalism). The CD is retro and psychedelic and the song "Here Comes My Name" reminds me of those days I would have spent at Woodstock if I was alive in the 60's. The song "Love Will Call You by Name also takes me back, this time to the ole church yard of yore, where the singing of hymns goes on till day break. Listen to the EP for yourself, and see what magical mystery tour they take you on.

MP3 Here Comes My Hand
MP3 Love Will Call You By Name

In other news:
I have my own Wikipedia page now. Visit it here. While your there check out the rest of the newly formed Music Blog Wiki. It's pretty awesome.
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