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Tuesday, April 4

Contrast Podcast! / Magic Numbers

Contrast Podcast is a delightful new project started by Tim from The Face of Today. Each podcast a variety of music bloggers send in a track and do a short introduction of the song they chose. Each track has to be based on a theme - The first week it was "one" and this week the theme is "you and me". The podcast has attracted a wide array of well-respected bloggers including Take Your Medicine, An Aquariam Drunkard, Earfarm, Clever Titles Are So Last Summer, and Said The Gramophone. It also has some features new bloggers that you may not have heard of. If you like their selection make sure to visit their blog!

Listen to the Podcast!

The submission I sent for the last podcast was The Magic Numbers "Love Me Like You". As I said in my intro, it's been a song thats been stuck in my head for quite a while now (probably due to them playing at my work all the time). If you like 60's rock or enjoy any kind of catchy music I'm sure this is a band for you. They're live show is suppose to be spectacular (read Dodge's recent review) so if you they're coming to your town, make sure to catch them.

MP3 Love Me Like You
(make sure to listen to the podcast to hear my intro to it)

Make sure to stay tuned in tomorrow for my Mates of State Live Review. I took a lot of good pictures.
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Thanks for your contribution to the podcast! Hopefully we'll see you back for some more in the future. Tim

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