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Friday, April 7

Controlling The Famous

I'm on my way to an advisor's meeting at Illinois State University today, but before I head out, here's a new band for you to listen to. Controlling The Famous are from California and they play a indie rock that would fit nicely on the Saddle Creek label, right next to Cursive. They are signed to The Militia Group, though, which is a record label I've been liking more and more lately. The band is very tight and are creating some great music. I'm anxious to listen to they're new album (due out May 16).

MP3 Same As It Was
MP3 Crime Scene

Myspace them (hear their new single)!

In other news:

-Introducing: My new most anticipated album of the year!

-I'm working on a site for all my concert pictures tentatively called "Pictures For Kids Who Can't Read Good". I'll post more about that later.
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