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Friday, April 21

The Oohlas

The Oohlas are a band from L.A. that were started by the former drummer for Everclear, Greg Eklund. The band features Greg and Ollie on vocals which provide a nice Stars-like sound. The songs are very atmospheric and layered, and have some great guitar work.

"The Rapid" is the first song I heard from them, and I thought the contrasting sounds (heavy guitar distortion mixed with light piano melodies with marching drums?) were pretty out there, but it really grew on me. "Slow Mo Disco" on the other hand, I liked immediately. It uses at least four guitar sounds layered over each other which has to be difficult to reproduce live. The rhythm guitar(s) is really what impresses me here. It practically takes the place of the percussion in the song (except for a drum machine background) and it really keeps the song interesting. Definitely make sure to grab that one.

MP3 Slo Mo Disco
MP3 The Rapid

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