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Monday, April 3

The Sounds

I hope your not sick of 80's-inspired synth pop/rock, because The Sounds are a group that are doing it right. Coming from the beautiful land of music that is Sweden, The Sounds draw from Blondie as a main influence, and its hard not to see the comparisons (the music, the girl, the hair).

They made a pretty big splash with their 2002 debut, but since I'm a bit behind the times, I'm just now getting into them. The lead singer's voice can take a little getting use to, but, unlike Morningwood, the musicians are talented and it's not so cheesy/cliche that you'll want to hurt yourself after listening. Here's two songs off their new album, Dying To Say This To You, which is in stores now.

MP3 Song With A Mission
MP3 Queen of Apology

Be their myspace friend.
posted by Taylor, 4/03/2006 12:08:00 PM | link 3 comments


I only recently heard this band as well, but they've really grown on me in a big way. And I actually really like the vocals! They never bothered me.
hey taylor, just letting you know there are some great tunes at http://www.abc.net.au/triplej/listen/mp3s.htm

this includes some exclusive (supposedly) acoustic jens lekman, a cute track from sekiden (belle and sebastian with more synths) and i love space, who toured with youth group last year. i'd post them on my own blog but i can't host mp3s, so i'm hoping you'll share the love! enjoy mate. luv cait.
I think you should know that in Sweden (where I'm from), the Sounds are considered to be kind of cheezy. the only people that like them are twelve year old girls.
commented by Anonymous thisismycat, 4/05/2006 06:02:00 PM  

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