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Monday, May 29

The Amazing Pilots

I recently read an interview with Gary Lightbody in Harp Magazine, where he made a statement about the Snow Patrol's emotional honesty saying, “Most Irish singer-songwriters have a sincerity and also a darkness in their work” and that "If my mom didn’t think I was being honest, she’d kick my ass.” This is evident in the band, The Amazing Pilots, who are a band made up of two brothers from Dublin.

What the band lacks in numbers, it makes up in its instrumentation and sincerity. "The Price of Winter" features piano, accordion, and strings and talks about separation within relationships. While this song is upbeat and opitmistic, "All My Wasted Days" is a dark, sorrowful song about lonliness and regret, told with moody guitars and textured synthesizers.

MP3 The Price of Winter
MP3 All My Wasted Days

Visit The Amazing Pilots myspace.
posted by Taylor, 5/29/2006 02:10:00 PM | link 1 comments


the price of winter is my favorite right now. thank you for posting this, taylor!

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