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Monday, May 1

The Butterfly Explosion

This is going to be a "theme week" of sorts. It's kindof like what they do at Clever Titles Are So Last Summer, but not as official. Basically, I'm going to feature only Irish bands, because there's been quite a few that have caught my interest recently and I thought it would be fun to stuff them all into one week.

First up is The Butterfly Explosion from Dublin, which fit snuggly into the shoegaze / space rock genre and can be (and have been) described as "brooding, atmospheric, melodic, and lush". Sophia is an absolutely gorgeous and haunting track, and its our first taste of their upcoming LP. Anyone who enjoys the opening guitar line of Band of Horses "The Funeral" or are fans of Sigur Ros (that should include everybody) will be immediately drawn to this song. The three songs from their prior release, the Vision EP shouldn't be missed either though. They give an upbeat sweeping feel with breathy vocals over energetic guitar atmospherics. The band has generously provided all of these songs for your downloading pleasure:

MP3 Sophia
MP3 The Great Game
MP3 Comfort of the Dark
MP3 Vision

Visit their myspace.
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