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Tuesday, May 16

Detective Kalita

"Delightful assortment of songs replete with pop sensibilities" is how a writer from the Ottawa Sun described Detective Kalita's new album. DK is a band from Toronto that perform whimsical, soothing music that I'd probably describe as alt-country. They have a very organic sound, which I would recommend for fans of Matt Pond PA, Wilco, and maybe even Death Cab for Cutie. They're not afraid to inject a little punk into their songs though, as seen in Mary 16.

They're album, The Michael Parks, comes out in a week from today. Make sure to help the band out and purchase it if you like these MP3's (which you most likely will).

MP3 Altona, MB
MP3 Heart of the Matter
MP3 Mary 16

Be their myspace friend.
Visit Kelp Records' website for a bunch more free MP3's.
posted by Taylor, 5/16/2006 10:59:00 AM | link 2 comments


hey mate, i come from the land down under. i'm in sydney and i believe you said you're going to be in perth, but if you make it over here i'd be glad to show you the sights and sounds of sydney, we've got some amazing musicians and venues here.
also, and more importantly, the splendour in the grass festival is being held in byron bay, on the north coast of New south wales (state where sydney is). it's sold out (i am partly to blame for that, as i'm going, mwa hahaha), but many of the acts on the AMAZING lineup will be doing side shows, so keep an eye out for big names such as death cab (i know there's a side show in syd on july 15th), the yeah yeah yeahs, snow patrol, clap your hands say yeah, the zutons, the scissor sisters, jose gonzales, brian wilson, matisyahu, tv on the radio, atmosphere and DJ SHADOW! there are also some amazing aussie acts playing like old hands you am i (the aussie rolling stones if you ask me, only cooler) and grinspoon,plus some relative newbies that are getting lots of attention overseas, including the brilliant wolfmother (saw them this year already, awesome live) youth group (who i'm seeing tonight for the second time this year), the presets, decoder ring, and the grates. there are more acts being announced soon, so i'm so excited. it's a brilliant festival, bloc party played last year. if you can catch any side shows in perth or in syd then go for it. and if you want a tour guide in sydney, i'm your girl.

cheers, cait.
ok, forgot to mention the date of the festival, which is the 22nd and 23rd of july, so you'll be around for that.

ps, if you want to get into the aussie groove, the national yoof rayjo (youth radio for you seppos) is Triple j, which you can stream at http://triplej.abc.net.au. they play great local stuff as well as indie and alt-everything from around this big rock we live on. i heard midlake on there this morning, as well as lily allen, sufjan and phoenix, among others. give it a listen.

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