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Wednesday, May 24

The Format - Dog Problems

Everyone has their guilty pleasures, for Stereogum its Nelly Furtado. For me, it's The Format. But they're so darn infectious that its hard to call it guilty. Unlike their last album, though The Format have a few songs that show a majorly expanded sound. "Dog Problems" sounds like lounge (very good lounge, that is), and as Nathaniel from I Guess I'm Floating pointed out that Time Bomb has a glam, Queen-like sound. Go there to download those two songs.

"She Doesn't Get It" for me should be the pop hit of the summer. It's as catchy as "Swing, Swing" and as fun as "Stacy's Mom". And it has bells and handclaps. What more do you need? Download the whole album here, its going to be released July 11th, but I guess they got antsy and made it available online early!

MP3 She Doesn't Get It
MP3 The Compromise
MP3 Oceans

-Go to their myspace!
-Check out this complete twee-rific collage my girlfriend made to the B&S song, "Judy and the Dream of Horses."
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