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Wednesday, May 31

New Sleeping At Last Songs!

Sleeping At Last are one of my favorite rock bands making music right now. Their music has as much emotional and mass appeal as any band I've heard, and they are probably the nicest musicians I've ever met. They're story is quite interesting too, they were actually discovered by Billy Corgan (the Billy Corgan) at a club in Chicago. They were quickly put on Interscope Records, and recorded one album with them ("Ghosts"). Overall though, they were unhappy with the lack of interest and financial backing from Interscope. For their next album they are self-releasing, which is a bold move for them but one I think will pay off.

Back to the music, they claim Sunny Day Real Estate, U2, and Radiohead as their main influences, and their sound stems from all three of those bands. The new songs off Keep No Score nicely show the two sides of Sleeping At Last. "Needle and Thread" is a passionate and epic ballad that Coldplay would dream to make, while Envelopes evokes Bends-era Radiohead and the intensity of Sunny Day Real Estate. Both songs are highly recommended of course. Good work, guys!

*update - The band just asked me to put a different song in place of the two I had up. You can still preview Needle and Thread and Envelopes here (and I highly suggest you do), but they just sent me this song and told me they'd like it to be shared. I've only had the chance to listen to this song a couple times, but I can tell you its fantastic. The ending part seems like it could be on the latest Sigur Ros album, and the vocal performance is amazing.

MP3 Careful Hands

Here's my favorite song off their previous album:
MP3 Night Must End

Go to their myspace to hear more.
Pre-order their new album.

I'm having a bit of internet problems which may mean my posts will be up late at night instead of early in the morning. That 13 hour time difference really kills you sometime.
posted by Taylor, 5/31/2006 08:38:00 PM | link 3 comments


hey, we need an update on life down under! what are your first impressions? are you in culture shock? and what about those toilets?? :)
commented by Anonymous mjrc, 6/01/2006 04:40:00 PM  
im not sold on these cats...i need to hear a bit more
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6/01/2006 11:51:00 PM  
i really liked "night must end," and i'm digging this new cut - good to see that they're putting out new material!
commented by Blogger jeffro, 6/12/2006 08:23:00 PM  

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