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Monday, May 22

Review of iTunes Celebrity Playlists

In the past I've done reviews of iTunes Celebrity Playlists, but lately I haven't been keeping up on it much so I'm compiling a few of the latest ones here. Each comes with a sample MP3 from their list.

Josh Schwartz (Creator of The O.C.) - This list has got to be good right? Well mostly. Josh lists some great artists (primarilly classic) but plays it safe most of the time by picking out the most recognizable song from bands like The Pixies and Wilco. Giving props to Rogue Wave, picking my favorite Bob Dylan song, and including an fantastic Buckley tune raise the playlist grade to a B+.

MP3 Jeff Buckley - Just Like A Woman (Live)

Ashlee Simpson - I went into this list preparing for Jennifer Garner badness, but her choices actually show a some attempt to vary herself (Rosie Thomas, Björk, Bob Marley). Then again, her descriptions are vague and unmeaningful. For the Yeah, Yeah, Yeah's "Maps" she says - "This song is sexy. It's just a great song." By not attempting to promote herself and by showing she doesn't listen to any artists as bad as herself she earns a B-

MP3 Björk - All Is Full Of Love

Sondre Lerche - This list is interesting because the majority of the songs on it I'm not familiar with. Sondre obviously has a more broad scope on music than I probably ever will. His descriptions are very well-written. Putting Chet Baker in between a Kayne West and My Bloody Valentine song is brilliant. A

MP3 My Bloody Valentine - Sometimes

Deborah Hary (of Blondie)
- Deborah Harry's playlist is short and includes more misses than hits. If your going to include the most popular tracks from both Missy Elliott and Eminem than at least have something interesting to say about them... I really like the White Stripes song she picked though and Antony & the Johnsons is a good addition. C

MP3 Antony & The Johnsons - Hope There's Someone

Mandy Moore - It looks like Zach Braff's music choice is rubbing off on Mandy. She picks out her favorite songs from Imogen Heap, The Weepies, Hem, and Sufjan Stevens which makes for an acoustic album that puts its focus on great vocal performances. The song descriptions are very personal and seem honest (which also fits the theme/mood of her selections). Not bad for someone who's last acting job was in Brother Bear 2 A+

MP3 The Weepies - Gotta Have You

Go to iTunes and read some more Celebrity Playlists. Purchase some songs from the above artists while your at it!
posted by Taylor, 5/22/2006 09:23:00 PM | link 5 comments


i love when you do the celebrity itunes lists reviews!! these are some of my favorite posts.
the thing about mandy moore is, the poor kid was thrown into the celebrity-sphere by star making machines and she kind of ruined it for herself. the truth is, she's an extremely intelligent woman with some real acting potential and a good handle on herself; she's pretty down to earth and wants to represent something more than "I Want Candy" has let her. i doubt Zach Braff had anything more to do with her music choices than just a shared opinion of what's good. she knows her shit, too.

these are great posts. very creative. i usually shudder to venture into itunes for anything other than sampling clips of artists that i've never heard of.
commented by Blogger shan, 5/23/2006 05:31:00 PM  
thought y'all might appreciate the knowledge that imogen heap's version of hallelujah from THAT season finale is online at homoeclectic.blogspot.com . i finally managed to locate a rip of the damn thing after exhaustive googling. as HE isn't on the hype machine or elbo.ws, thought you might want to post it up for all those poor suckers who don't want to wait until the official itunes release which, apparently, is in NOVEMBER.
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I usually hate celebrity itunes playlists. They seem like they endorse themselves.

I like your reviews though, v. good!

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