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Tuesday, May 30


Shearwater is a band I've been meaning to write about since late last year. Their Thieves EP and especially the song "Mountain Laurel" first sparked my interest in the band. The song starts off with a pretty banjo melody and and grows to include rolling drums, triumphant vocals, and what might-or-might-not be a bagpipe.

It was later that I made the connection between them and the Okkervill River, of whose album I immediately fell in love with. This month saw the release of their sixth album, Palo Santo, and I've had a little time now to process it. The song "Seventy-Four, Seventy-Five" was an immediate favorite and is easily one my favorite piano-centric rock song that has been released this year (hopefully muse will soon have another in that category). "Red Sea, Black Sea" is another standout on the album and they together are probably the most upbeat songs on Palo Santo. Each song though, is beautifully constructed. You can buy the album here.

From Palo Santo (2006):
MP3 Seventy-Four, Seventy-Five
MP3 Red Sea, Black Sea

From Thieves EP (2005):
MP3 Mountain Laurel
MP3 I Can't Wait

Be Shearwater's friend.
Read Pitchfork's Review.

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