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Thursday, May 4

The Walls

The Walls have alot going for them. They're latest album debuted at no. 5 in Ireland and its produced four hit singles. They can also count Nick Harcourt of KRCW as a fan and they just recorded a live segment on Morning Becomes Electic. They've supported U2 and Red Hot Chili Peppers on the road and they count Sufjan Stevens as an influence on the band. What's more, is they are extremely talented. The songs are very catchy and very melodic (radio friendly some may say), but don't let that stop you from listening. Fans of Snow Patrol and The Doves will enjoy this band, and songs like "Black and Blue" have a determinely Wilco feel. Here's a few MP3's from their latest album, New Dawn Breaking, provided by the band:

MP3 To The Bright And Shining Sun
MP3 Black and Blue
MP3 Passing Through

Bonus Tracks:
MP3 She Belongs To Me (live acoustic Bob Dylan cover)
MP3 To The Bright and Shining Sun (live acoustic)

In other news:
There's a Beatles contest going on right now at Daily CD where you can win all 13 Beatles albums. I'll be talking more about this in upcoming weeks. Here's a link to it or you can click the scroll down and click the banner.
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