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Thursday, June 29

Asthmatic Kitty Contest: Reshape and Resize

If you didn't already love Asthmatic Kitty enough, now they're giving you the chance to win 300 dollars, their whole back catalogue, and a t-shirt (not to mention international fame). All you have to do is tinker with the Shapes and Sizes song "Wilderness" in the Audio-Editing software of your choice and then submit it to a judging panel of "elite", "specialy selected" bloggers (of which I somehow am included).

You're allowed to cover, remix, mash-up, and reinterpret the song in any way you like and we're going to be judged based on creativy and intriguing-ness. The international fame part comes when your selection is put on Asthmatic Kitty's website for the whole world to download and critique. You might want to come up with a cool DJ name with your submission also (optional), because that might effect my judging. Visit here for the contest rules. Here's the MP3 for your listening and remixing pleasure:

MP3 Wilderness

Here's another Shapes and Sizes song that I particularly like but that you will get no prizes for remixing:
MP3 Island's Gone Bad

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