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Tuesday, June 20

Australia's Own- The Grates

Sorry for the lack of postage, I've been out of it the last couple days (It's all that late night soccer). But part of that time I've been researching new music everywhere from local Perth records shops (78's is really cool) to local shows. Being such, I'm going to be posting a few Australian bands that I think you'll really enjoy (in a series I call "Australia's Own").

I'm starting off with one you all should know, The Grates. The song Sukkafish is especially crave-worthy. It starts off with a shoegazy guitar line and then goes into some Boy Least Likely To banjo and then moves towards a grunge-ish sound for a few seconds before going back to the banjo. Sound interesting? It should. The other song is one I've heard on the radio a couple of times (they have a couple good stations here). It's a jumpy good-for-a-party tune with lyrics like "Shakin’ like you don’t know what your waiting for / Shakin’ like a bacon ice cold it’s floored."

MP3 Sukkafish
MP3 Inside Outside

Listen to more at their (very well designed) myspace.
Stream the CD here
If you live in Toronto, Montreal, New York, San Fransisco, Vancouver, or LA, The Grates are coming your way.

Can anyone think of a better name then Australian's Own for this posting series, I thought of that in two seconds and it seems kindof corporationish. I'll send you a hand carved boomerang if you can think of a better one. (not really)
posted by Taylor, 6/20/2006 06:57:00 PM | link 2 comments


"Better Than Vegemite".

And it's no use sending people boomerangs. They just end up back in your mailbox.
ooh! good to see you featuring more Aussie talent :)

if you get a chance, make sure you hear their tune "Trampoline" - very cool!

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