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Wednesday, June 14

Bands with "Lights" in the title

I've had Hotel Lights and Headlights on my list of bands to write about for way too long now. I've also just encountered a band called The Harbour Lights (thanks to Matt from Skatterbrain) that fits in well with this post.

First off I'll talk about local heroes Headlights, who've been getting great blogging press (thanks mainly to Matt from Picasso). It's well worth it though, because their shoegazey dream piano pop rock sound that's full of guy/girl harmonies and multi-layered synths could be one of the best releases this year. I think fans of the lighter side of Bloc Party, the Killers, and Mates of State will really love this band. Here's two tracks that come with my highest recommendation:

MP3 Headlights - Put Us Back Together
MP3 Headlights - Tokyo

Hotel Lights
Hotel Lights is the definition of a rainy-day band, and thats to say that the music is really really mellow. Kindof odd, considering the band is the brainchild of a drummer (formerly of Ben Folds Five). What it lacks in tempo though, it makes up for in its lush soundscapes and velvety instrumentation. Buy here.

MP3 Hotel Lights - A.M. Slow Golder Hit
MP3 Hotel Lights - Let Me Be The One
MP3 Hotel Lights - Talking To Lisa
MP3 Hotel Lights - Another Year

The Harbor Lights
Finally, a band I don't know much about, and actually discovered while researching this post, The Harbor Lights. Like the previous two bands, they're music is pop-orientated and dreamlike, and like Headlights they feature male/female vocals. Unlike the previous two though, they're noticeably inspired by folk music. They've put their whole EP up for download here.

MP3 The Harbor Lights - Summer
MP3 The Harbor Lights - Making Numbers

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Hotel Lights
The Harbour Lights
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