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Monday, June 5

Be Your Own Pet

As opposed to yesterday's post about veteran punk rockers that can still really rock (Camp Radio), this is a post about some new and upcoming punk teenagers that love to have fun and destroy stuff. Be Your Own Pet's new album comes out today, so I thought it was an appropriate time to post about them. The band is from Nashville, Tennessee. Here's some things from their website which they list as likes: caffeine, spicy food, bicycles, Iggy & the Stooges, asthma inhalers, Velvet Underground. They also say that they dislike boredom and posers.

If this sounds like you (we all have a rebellious punk side, right) then you'll love this band. Here's some MP3's for you to download and listen to on your ipod while you skateboard and graffiti your name all over town.

MP3 bicycle bicycle you are my bicycle
MP3 Adventure

Visit the myspace. Buy the album.
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