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Thursday, June 8

Blanket Music

Nostalgia is a beautiful thing, and if that's what you crave then Blanket Music provides. When listening to just the first few seconds of their lead-off single "Impossible", my mind jumps to lazy summer nights spent sitting on the dock of a lake watching the time go by. I also am reminded of Beatles, Belle & Sebastian, the Beach Boys and a few other bands that begin with "B". Speaking of, the bass player of this band claims he can name every song the Beatles recorded in chronological order. That, in itself, should give you bragging rights, but they also make great music (especially if your into chilling out). My current obession is their cover of "Red Right Ankle". Take a listen:

MP3 Impossible (Norfolk and Western)
MP3 Red Right Ankle (The Decemberists Cover)

From 2002's Move
MP3 Hips
MP3 Tap the Beat

Buy their latest (Cultural Norms)

In other news:
- iPods are more "in" then beer at college campuses. Don't believe me? go read for yourself.
- Mike of Take Your Medicine, has just moved his focus to this blog (called Nothing but Green Lights). See what he's up to.
- I just bought Muse's Hullabullo yesterday. One side is B-Sides, one side is a live concert, and it's altogether awesome. Can't wait for the new album to come out (or leak at least).
posted by Taylor, 6/08/2006 10:23:00 PM | link 5 comments


thanks for mentioning my blog

there's another great UK band called Blanket that I'm currently digging:

commented by Blogger mike, 6/09/2006 06:41:00 AM  
thanks for posting this music taylor. i love it.
work it mike. blanket are great, all love is dead is gorgeous.

taylor i hope you're listening to triple j, 99.3 fm in perth town or at http://triplej.abc.net.au if you really want to find some good music while you're down here. it be the shiz.
oohoohoo, i'm excited! i have no money, but taylor, there's a compilation you should buy while you're here cause you can't get it in the states. it's put out by triple j, it's called "like a version volume 2" and it's a comp of live-in-the-studio covers from a segment where artists do a song of their choice. it's the segment that got jose gonzales to do his amazing cover of massive attack's "teardrop", although for some inexplicable reason that's on neither volume. there's covers by spoon (upwards at 45 degree), tegan and sara (dancing in the dark), the mountain goats (wild world), willy mason, the eels plus some awesome aussie groups on the second one. the first volume has damien rice's "when doves cry/babe i'm gonna leave you" which is stunning, plus loads of aussie artists including end of fashion (quicksand). please please get it and post a few, for the sake of the poor seppo readers who can't hear this stuff!
Blanket Music are great. I love "Hips."
commented by Blogger Gina, 6/13/2006 06:45:00 PM  

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