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Thursday, June 1

Camp Radio

The top 12 tracks on the hype machine popular tracks are thom yorke's newly leaked CD, I don't know what that says about the blogging community, but posts like this one for artists that the whole world hasn't heard of are undoubtedly going to be overlooked in the mass hysteria of grabbing tracks before individual bloggers guilt-fully take down the leaked tracks (if they do).

That's my rant, today I have for you a great band called Camp Radio. I recently did a post about labelmates Detective Kalita, and I just discovered this band on Kelp Record's website this week. After playing in an uncountable different bands separately the members of Camp Radio came together and started playing rockin' that puts a focus on amazing guitar work and painfully catchy melodies. I was reminded of Ted Leo while listening to them at times, and the Milestone Corporation at others. If you want some good summer music to jam to, look no futher.

MP3 Landing Strip
MP3 Cons at the New Moon
MP3 The Julie Rationale

In other news:
-I'll be at an Australian Youth Athletic tournament this weekend and won't be back till Monday Afternoon (Sunday - American). I'm having a wonderful time down here, thank you to the those that asked!
-iGiF has a mix about robots you should take a look at.
-Best Buy might start carrying Mac's entire line of computers. Fine, i guess, but I'd much rather buy it from here.
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good to hear you're having a good time in Perth, I live here too. keep up the great work on your blog its quality!!
commented by Blogger Kev, 6/02/2006 08:42:00 AM  

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